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Changing demands and new business challenges can surface almost overnight. Staying on top of these developments can be stressful and difficult without expert advice and the right processes and pathways. In New Zealand, over 90% of businesses employ fewer than 20 staff, and this magnifies the challenge.
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The barriers to becoming leading edge


In small businesses, the leadership, management and delivery of all things IT is often wrapped into a single role, while the strategic element is covered by the managing director or finance manager. This means the pressure to become leading edge is on the shoulders of two people who are often struggling to keep on top of day-to-day operations, let alone plan for the future.

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Gain access to wider expertise


If you don’t have an IT strategy, or have one but it isn’t getting you where you need to be, we give you access to IT professionals who equip you with the knowledge and tools to accomplish your goals. Whether you're scaling your operations or assessing your risk levels, we are approachable, friendly and we listen intently to your needs. We recognise that our clients are real people who need empathetic solutions.


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We devote ourselves to continual innovation. Integrating with and becoming part of your team is fundamental to successful outcomes.


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