Project Summary

Weightrax represents the next generation of web enabled weighbridge software. The web enabled software provides faster throughput, accurate reporting and an operator-friendly design, all of which translates into costs savings and ease of integration for users.

Weightrax is provided by Atrax, a world leader in the design, manufacture, integration and support of industry specific weighing, measurement and control systems whose installations can be found in 85 countries around the world.

Designertech has provided support and development services for the Weightrax product since 2012.





Weightrax clients need to record the details of vehicle visits to their sites when they pick up and deliver products. There was a need to speed up and improve the accuracy of processing these vehicles. Number-plate recognition was seen as a great way to do this and customers were requesting this feature to be built into the product.

Number-plate recognition was also seen as an important new feature to keep the Weightrax software at the leading edge of their market.


How the Project Helped

This project was about integrating cameras into Weightrax to work in a variety of different applications. They are:

  • The ability to capture a record of a visit including vehicle & load. This can be used for future proof of purchase recall.
  • On customer sites where there are no operators and a self service model operates, the cameras can provide a record of attendance.
  • It can also be setup to start recording where movement is detected on the bridge to provide the site a record of "exceptions" of those customers who have not entered/completed their transactions.
  • But, the "jewel in the crown" is ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition). This option scans a camera feed and when a vehicle is detected, the software recognises the vehicle plate, starting a process in Weightrax by either creating a visit or recalling a visit. This will provide customers greater efficiency but also greater accuracy removing human error.

The number-plate recognition feature adds an important level of security to the application. In operator mode it improves data accuracy and reduces time for the person to process a transaction. In unattended mode it records when a truck visits and links this visit to the products or material that they bring in or remove from the site. This is done using a combination of number plate recognition and other cameras that capture a photo of the load a truck is carrying. An accurate audit trail of each visit is created to simplify any billing queries.


Results, Returns on Investment and Future Plans

The system results in faster processing time, meaning shorter queues and happier drivers. The new features help to cement Weightrax’s dominant position in the marketplace.

"We are currently in the final stages of creating the marketing collateral, but we already have orders from sites where we have discussed the possibilities. This will be an additional module to the core product in which we can charge extra. It has also helped keeping us on the upper curve in our feature set when compared to our competitors. It has also helped to open conversations with prospectful clients."  

David Wishart, Commercial Manager, Weightrax

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