Project Summary

The Trusts is owned by the West Auckland public, and exists to provide alcohol in a responsible manner to West Auckland. The Trusts consists of 24 retail liquor stores, The Quality Hotel Lincoln Green, and numerous bars and restaurants.

The Trusts identified inadequacies with their incumbent telecommunications provider. With half a million monthly transactions occurring across The Trusts' network, potential positive business outcomes from increased telecommunications efficiencies and innovations were identified. 



  • To facilitate a process which firstly attracted telecommunications providers, and then convinced them that they were engaging in a consultative process that was genuinely committed to an inspection of market alternatives to The Trusts' incumbent provider. 
  • To select the most relevant, modern, and competitively priced telecommunications partner for The Trusts' network of retail and hospitality outlets for the next 5-10 years.


How the Project Helped

  • Briefed providers about The Trusts' current business environment and their vision for the future, so that the bidding providers could discern and present their most relevant, value-adding telecommunications services that would aid The Trusts' pursuit of business growth.  
  • Facilitated a forum whereby the potential providers could communicate directly with The Trusts executive decision-makers. 

Providers enjoyed the unique opportunity to present directly to The Trusts executives – so much so, that Vodafone (the eventual winners of the pitch process) have speculated that they may consider using the The Trusts' project as a pilot scheme for releasing similar packages within a TaaS (Telecommunications as a Service) framework. 

Upon roll-out, The Trusts will have a completely new and customized suite of TaaS products and will be one of the first major customers to benefit from this product which is new to the NZ market. While this is an ground-breaking outcome in and of itself, the real innovation was actually the result of the RFP process that Simon Wickham (CEO, The Trusts) describes as “fluid, solutions focused and coal-face driven”. The Trusts firstly made sure the providers understood the end outcomes their business needed, and asked them to work backwards from there to suggest the most relevant, practical and modern telecommunications products.  


 “This novel approach to the RFP process led to Vodafone gaining a deep understanding of The Trusts' business, but interestingly also led to a deeper understanding for The Trusts of their own operational requirements.”

Marie Weaver, CFO, The Trusts



Results, Returns on Investment and Future Plans

The Trusts selected an innovative, “set and forget”, cloud-based suite of telecommunications services, provided by Vodafone at a cost-effective price point. As a result, The Trusts will have the peace-of-mind that Vodafone accept complete responsibility for the hardware set-up of the new system, the switch of accounts, ongoing updates of software, etc. This gives The Trusts space and confidence to place more attention on their core business functions. 

Much of the “coolness” of the project for The Trusts executive team was the excitement generated by what would traditionally have been a standard, dry, RFP process. AThe Trusts engaged directly with the providers, they gained deeper understanding of how innovative telecommunications services could aid their business growth and vision. 

  • The Trusts selected a managed, tailored telecommunications package that is so fresh and innovative that it was not at that time available to the general market. On completion of the project, The Trusts will experience a significantly smoother, disruption-free, managed telecommunications service at a competitive price.
  • Vodafone will not only bring innovative operational innovations (eg. WiFi in all outlets for customers, highly-targeted customer loyalty programmes, etc), but just as importantly, their TaaS approach will free up The Trusts' retail staff and retail management to provide more focused attention on the in-store customer experience. 
  • The Trusts now has a much closer relationship with their telecommunications provider. Vodafone understand their long-term business needs, and are engaging with an excited and collaborative “partnership attitude to the relationship, rather than simply interacting as partner/client. 

 “It was fantastic to facilitate the discussion for The Trusts, to encourage the providers to genuinely engage in the process, and to deepen the knowledge for the The Trusts' executive team about how innovative telecommunications services can stimulate business growth.”

Ray Delany, CEO, Designertech

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