Netlogix is an innovative New Zealand based freight logistics solution provider. They work in partnership with more than 100 carriers across the country, moving over 3 million freight tonnes per annum through more than 3000 freight corridors.  


Background to the Project

Netlogix are at the forefront of their industry and leaders in customer communication. They became aware that customer demand expectations were growing in terms of having access to data underlying activities, such as shipment status and delivery performance, in a rapid/easy to consume format via both mobile and web.  

"We wanted to provide our customers with timely and relevant information about their shipments in a form that was easily accessible. We wanted to provide our customers with a higher standard of service and to add value to the data that was capture, to create further insight."

Bryce Spencer, Netlogix 

As customers were starting to see mobile reports for other types of services, the need for faster and more flexible business data became a high priority in order to meet requirements. Furthermore, Netlogix wanted their transport logistics data to be just as easy to surface and consume as other data, for both themselves and for their customers.

The outcome would be a solution that met both their strategic goals and customer expectations. 


Accolade 2018 - Netlogix - Best Software Finalist


Project Objective 

The main objective was to provide meaningful business data via web and mobile. There were several specifications around this: 
  • The data delivered needed to display supply & delivery performance metrics (SIFOT, DIFOT), financial information and shipment status by region 
  • Near real-time data had to be delivered via web and mobile  
  • Netlogix wanted the ability to create their own reports based on stakeholder needs  

By implementing the above, Netlogix customers would be empowered with information that they needed when they needed it. This would in turn would reduce calls to the contact centre and result in an improved service for other queries.  

The solution would also improve the account management process and enhance Netlogix’s reputation as a leader in the market. 


Project Summary 

The decision was made to use Microsoft Power BI, a leading business analytics tool that generates valuable insights from business data.  

A Business Intelligence (BI) web portal was created to display the Power BI reports. The portal was designed to be stand alone and used by customers at any time, with reports being available via web browser and Android & iOS mobile apps. 

The portal was designed to have the following features:  

  • Integrate with Power BI and provide a dynamic menu of reports that would be controlled by Netlogix 
  • Reports could be created by Netlogix to share and publish with all customers or specific customers based on a fine detail security model, without the need for developer support 
  • Data model was designed to simplify report building and maintenance, while providing capability for their customers to drill down to see a fine level of data 
  • Ability for Netlogix and its customers to manage user access to distribute the administration of the system
  • Monitored usage of the system through auditing & reporting using Power BI reports
  • Communication of new features provided through a notification system

Initial reports were developed for the portal, with the ability to adapt these with growing demands.


How the Project Has Helped

The project allowed the successful delivery of all the data that Netlogix required via mobile app and web portal, with a data age of less than 12 hours. As well as fulfilling Netlogix requirement based outcomes, such as the ability to generate their own reports and delivering a permissions model that empowered user access management for both Netlogix and their customers, there were a number of other business benefits.  

After the implementation of the project a significant amount of time was saved on a weekly basis. This was largely due to a reduced need of hand delivery of reports by key personnel. Further to this, the notification system allowed easier and simpler communication between parties – improving client relationships and customer satisfaction overall.   

"Our Account Managers now have tools at their fingertips that can help drive conversations with our customers about our business successes and highlighting areas that can be improved. Customer satisfaction is on the rise and improved service levels are being seen."

Bryce Spencer, Netlogix 

The ability to have more detailed reports for customer specific ad hoc reports is proving to be extremely powerful and a necessity for business advantage.  

"We now have a suite of reports that can be used for all our customers and some that are specific to certain customers who require additional reporting. These reports were previously completed by hand regularly by me and my team."

Bryce Spencer, Netlogix

There is also the added benefit of highlighting anomalies that may have gone undetected before.  

The next stage of the project is the capability to handle real time data. 

“Designertech were great to work with, delivered a solution that has given us a leading edge in the market. Enabling a better way for us to surface important business information for our customers.”

Bryce Spencer, Netlogix  


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