Project Summary

First Mortgage Services (FMS) operates its businesses from numerous Australian locations as well as Auckland, providing multiple solutions for managing the delivery of mortgage services and documentation. With extremely tight project timeframes due to their office lease expiring, a need for some server retirement and virtualization, a transition of telecommunications providers, and a physical move of all IT hardware from old to new office premises was necessary. First Mortgage Services engaged Designertech to project manage their entire IT relocation during its office move.


Designertech provided a full project management service, that included:

• Consolidating and virtualizing the servers
• Updating all operating systems and applications
• Co-ordinating the moving company
• Contracting the electricians (including uninterruptible power supply install)
• Facilitating a transition to a new telecommunications company when it became apparent the incumbent could not move within the required time frame.



The project featured extremely efficient facilities management by First Mortgage Services staff, who collaborated with the Designertech teams to co-ordinate the efforts and timelines of all associated parties (i.e. telecommunications providers in NZ and Australia, building management, the existing leaseholders, the master leaseholders, a print service provider, and the Auckland-based FMS staff affected by the move).

FMS benefited innovatively from a modernisation of their server infrastructure that consolidated their hardware down from 2 racks of physical servers to a high-availability cluster of 2 Hyper-V hosts running their entire production infrastructure.

Peter East, Lead Infrastructure Specialist at FMS, describes the innovation of project “Nomad”;

“By shrinking our IT footprint down to an innovative, robust, and easily-transferrable infrastructure, we prepared the ground for the final sprint of this project – the physical office move – performed under very tight time constraints for all involved.” 


How the Project Helped

Designertech dramatically reduced the risk taken (through modernisation of hardware), and effort required (through project management of the relocation), by FMS during their office move.
This allowed them to maintain focus on their core business activities. The project was delivered within agreed time frames, to agreed budgets, and the FMS Operations Manager was particularly pleased to note that their company was able to produce a record-generating month in December, despite the office relocation!

The “coolness” of the Nomad project for Designertech lay in being able to provide a complete turn-key project management solution to a complex relocation project, across one weekend.
Layered on top of the time-efficiency of the project was the fact that there wasn’t a single IT issue from the time the staff arrived at their new premises on Monday morning.


Results, Returns on Investment and Future Plans

Without the stresses involved of virtualizing and relocating their servers and IT infrastructure, FMS were free to concentrate on their core business, and also their people. This is not an insignificant point. For FMS to be able to focus on keeping their people happy and worry-free during relocation meant that morale and productivity remained high – as evidenced by December’s record setting results. FMS displayed high levels of trust in the Designertech relocation teams. Furthermore, the entire process was completed without the need having to make a big capital investment. 

The Designertech teams enjoyed the challenge and extension of using a project-management approach, and relished the chance to work with a longstanding client who demonstrate strong alignment of values with Designertech’s – specifically in their attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile for their staff.

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