Project Summary

Argus Fire Protection provides advanced and intelligent systems and services to ensure life safety and property protection for some of New Zealand’s largest and most prestigious organisations. Argus is known for providing fire protection solutions that suit their clients’ needs and is New Zealand owned and operated.

Argus Fire Protection’s existing onsite IT infrastructure was ageing and running out of capacity to support their growth. The size of the business, and its mixture of regional offices and mobile workers meant there was a need for more robust business continuity. Argus Fire Protection needed reliability, and a platform that could easily accommodate and adapt to their digital transformation process. A strategic IT review and roadmap identified the need to move the company’s IT operations into the cloud with a mixture of Microsoft Office 365 and Infrastructure-as-a-Service, to:

  • Accommodate significant growth 
  • Provide continuous access to business information for branches and mobile-workers

The main measure of success was to complete an Iaas (CloudFX) migration without Argus Fires' customers noticing the difference. 

“The biggest difference that this project made to the company was not the typical increased speeds or efficiency (which we definitely also got), but was the level of protection, redundancy, and peace of mind we now have with a full disaster recovery / backup solution in place and tested.”

Aaron Willoughby - National Technology & Strategy Manager, Argus Fire Protection

2015-Argus-BestIntegration-Migration of onsite server to Iaas (Cloud FX)-rb



This project was a milestone because not only did Argus Fire Protection have the task of migrating from onsite servers to IaaS, but it was done at the same time the company relocated its 60+ head office staff to a new premises. 

“We were also at the same time migrating from an onsite PABX to a hosted VOIP phone solution, and all this was managed via new GIS Fibre connections. Designertech had a team that were instrumental in designing a plan that would see all of these projects migrate together.”

Aaron Willoughby - Argus Fire Protection


“Of special significance to me was how we were able to apply hard won skills and experience to bring about what was from the customers point of view a close to seamless transition.” 

 John Way, Designertech


How the Project Helped

“With a company size of over 200 employees across seven branches, the risk of having all communications tied back to central on site servers in a single location was too great. We learned this during the Penrose Substation Fire when we lost power to our Onehunga head office (which took out the phone systems and internet capability nationwide).”


“Lucky this was during a weekend and we soon after, the following week, bought forward the DR plan that was identified by Designertech during a road map assessment.”

– Aaron Willoughby, Argus Fire Protection


Results, Returns on Investment and Future Plans

“The outcome that impressed me the most was definitely the first impression. Not only did the migration exceed our requirements of having a seamless transition, and head office move as perceived by our clients (that they would not even notice), but also on the first day we moved, I had zero issues to sort out.”

“The new phone system was working perfectly, the new GIS lines were pulling 98MBPS and staff were really impressed. The speed of the network drives hosted were super quick, both in Auckland and throughout the country.”

“It was like we never moved. All of these infrastructure projects combined and with a robust design, implementation, test and commission, were all critical in the success of the project.”

– Aaron Willoughby, Argus Fire Protection


The project was helped by the tight co-operation between Argus Fire Protection and Designertech’s people and Argus Fire Protection’s significant focus on ensuring there were no barriers to success.

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