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At Designertech, we deliver technology solutions to fix business problems and create growth platforms. We're also project managers.

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We were having the same issues with project completion and cost over-runs that the rest of the enterprise world is experiencing. We couldn't find a suitable solution that provided the key functionality and reporting tools that we needed, so we challenged ourselves to find a new and better way. 

We developed a solution that we called ClaroPMO Toolkit, claro = clarity. Built around Microsoft Project Online, it's proved to be integral to how we deliver client needs and enable enterprise-wide project clarity, the solution has exceeded all expectations! 

The result is a toolset that allows for more accurate planning, forecasting and tracking. With Microsoft Project Online at its core and integrated with key applications, have access to better predictive indicators, achieve better visibility and deliver more insightful project management.

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We're fortunate to work in a close knit environment, which means we can leverage the knowledge of our best developers, project managers and strategists to ensure you get the right solution. The outcome is a holistic view of your digital transformation path. 

If you aren't ready to implement the whole toolkit, we also offer training in the core component of ClaroPMO - Microsoft Project Online. 

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ClaroPMO Toolkit features

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“We use ClaroPMO Toolkit to manage the projects we do for our customer. We normally run four projects concurrently. The new toolkit enables us to identify potential cost overruns and time delays early, enabling us to respond quickly and effectively. The net result is no surprises for our customer.”

Mark Enfield
Service Delivery Manager



ClaroPMO Toolkit integrations

 Seamless data management between applications

Microsoft Outlook
Custom integrations
    For greater collaboration, visible risk/issue management and notifications
    Better financial reporting, keeping you on top of your budget requirements
    A seamless Outlook integration allows for more powerful and accurate time recording and optimal dashboard reporting
    We can customise ClaroPMO Toolkit to meet your business integration needs. Tell us what integrations you need and our software development team can make it happen. 

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