Product Innovation

New products for new opportunities

Different perspectives and approaches breed innovation and this is what we bring to clients to design better business solutions and address pressing problems. And it doesn't just have to be about solving a problem. We are also experienced in identifying new opportunities and building the products to capitalise on these using the clever application of existing and emerging technology. 

What we've done

EVA - Receptionist
GeMA - Get Meeting Assist

    Electronic reception

    EVA Receptionist is a visitor management system that frees up your receptionist and improves your business security. It has been adopted by many high-profile enterprises who are using it to streamline the visitor arrival experience, access real-time information on visitor activity and improve compliance with Occupational Safety and Health standards by keeping visitors informed of possible hazards.


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    Meeting room management

    GeMA (get meeting assist) is a meeting room management system which is part of our growing suite of innovative business improvement tools. With touch screen technology, a sleek interface and a simple online booking system, GeMA enables your organisation to maximise the use of meeting room resources, provide immediate information regarding room availability and eliminate conflicting room bookings.


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    Improve business efficiency


    Our guiding principle in the Product Innovation division is to improve business efficiency through technology. We provide simple yet elegant solutions to sometimes complex requirements. Our automated office processes not only free up resources, but improve the internal/external customer experience and raise our clients' organisational image. 

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    The Designertech difference


    Our talented software engineers have developed a range of innovative products; one of which, our MailMarshal product, became hugely successful internationally and is a New Zealand technology success story.

    We strive to build products that are:

    • Easy to install/configure
    • Easy to upgrade
    • Easy to customise
    • Easy to trial


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