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For exceptional management of your projects. Every time.

Project management can be challenging - spiralling costs, falling behind schedule, not meeting specifications or ending up with a poor quality result.
Our dedicated Project Services team have a wealth of experience to prevent this from happening.
End to end service delivery takes away the stress and uncertainty of completing each project stage, whilst giving you the power to retain complete visibility and control. Our bespoke approach ensures that our structure fits your project requirements and you can are empowered to deliver successful outcomes that drive your business forward in the future. 
ClaroPMO is designed with project clarity in mind - giving you the power to ensure your projects run on-time, on-budget, every time.
Find out more about the toolset in our Microsoft webinar:  Project & Portfolio Management

Our project solutions

49% of organisations experienced a project failure in the past year according to the most recent Innotas Annual Project and Portfolio Management Landscape Report

Our tools and processes have delivered some impressive results to date. See the plan options for Project Services and our Project Management tool, ClaroPMO. 

 ClaroPMO Toolkit features


Agile analysis 

The involvement of our professional Business Analysts give you the advantage you need. Our philosophy is that the clearer the specification and vision, the less likely scope creep and rework are to occur and impact cost and schedule. As a result, we ensure that your project is aligned with your business goals, meets the specifications and supports your vision. 

We continually analyse and refresh your requirements to create a sustainable and robust framework for the future. 

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“We use ClaroPMO Toolkit to manage the projects we do for our customer and normally run four projects concurrently. The new tools provided by Project Services enable us to identify potential cost overruns and time delays early, enabling us to respond quickly and effectively. The net result is no surprises for our customer.”

Mark Enfield,
Service Delivery Manager

Project Services

By introducing a suite of tools and processes, we increase the level of confidence in your project delivery.

Business Analysis
Software Testing
Project Services and ClaroPMO Toolkit

    Business Analysis

    We specialise in agile business analysis, producing the clarity of your business challenges, identifying the best solutions and ensuring you receive maximum return on investment

    Testing Tools

    Locally managed offshore testing teams for fast and cost-effective testing. We perform user-perspective, requirements-based testing that validates the requirements are correct, complete, unambiguous, and logically consistent. Our testers assure quality by designing a set of test cases from those requirements, ensuring that the design and code fully meet those requirements.

    Claro PMO Toolkit

    Claro PMO Toolkit has revolutionised the way we run projects. Project Online is the powerhouse around our solution, integrating it with a complement of Microsoft systems, and building additional components in-house. 

    Alongside this, we offer a range of expertise to ensure we deliver the best added value to your projects. 

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