WiseService Partner

CargoWise One Consultancy


As a WiseService Partner, we offer a range of services for companies who use CargoWise One - WiseTech Globals’ premier cloud-based ERP solution for the transport and logistics sector. 


Improve how your staff uses CargoWise One to get the best out of the system and improve efficiency. We offer “Intro” courses for the Warehouse and Forwarding modules, or we will design and deliver a course specific to the needs of your company. 


Remove bottlenecks by interfacing electronically with your trading partners. We are experienced in the use of eAdaptor – WiseTech’s toolkit for adding and retrieving data to/from your CargoWise database. 

Product Extensions

Designertech’s long experience in software development for the New Zealand logistics sector gives us unique insights into what can be done to achieve an efficient technology ecosystem that is a pleasure to use for your staff and your clients.

Custom Documents & Reports

While CargoWise includes a range of standard reports and documents, it is likely that to get what you want when you need it, some customisation will be required. The WiseTech tools in this area are technical, requiring an understanding of the underlying database structures. Designertech can help you define what you need, and then produce it.

Business Intelligence to visualise your KPI’s

CargoWise is a massive and complex system. Using BI tools, we can build a realtime visual display of the statistics that are vital to the commercial well-being of your company. That might be percentage of orders delayed due to low stock, or trending volumes of forwarding jobs dissected by client category. This could form your home page, so when you log in first thing each morning, your finger is immediately on the pulse of your company.


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