PPSR: Manual vs Bulk Search Savings

Aug 3, 2017 1:59:58 PM | By Dave Glaister

Have you been desperately searching for a quicker and more cost effective way to get accurate information out of the PPSR? We have a solution...

On average, doing a manual search to find security information for one individual took 78 seconds, and a similar time for one organization. Once the results arrived in email form, it then took each person on average 60 minutes to pull the search results together into a report that was suitable to be sent out to a client.

By using an automated system that we have developed, the search process took on average 43 seconds to do multiple searches for one individual. Since this system is also capable of quickly collating the results, and providing a report in a format ready to be sent out to a client, the collation time was reduced to 30 minutes.

Here is comparison of the two:

PPSR (1).png

Based on these figures, if you only have one person creating 10 reports a day and this person is paid $20 per hour, averaging 2 searches per report then the savings can quickly mount up and easily justify the cost of such a system. 

Savings per year $32,147

If you have more staff doing the same thing, the cost savings increase … 

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Dave Glaister


Dave Glaister

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