May 29, 2018 3:25:15 PM | By Scott Wightman

Developing Your IT Security Strategy

In my work for one of our clients, I have tasked myself with developing a security strategy for them. The first question I had to answer was, "what is a security strategy anyway? What’s needed to create one?"

May 17, 2018 12:08:28 PM | By Greg Abbiss

Assess, Understand, Postulate, Test, Execute, Measure

This sounds like the scientific method and it is based on the same principles, but it's actually the steps you need to solve business problems.

Apr 27, 2018 9:03:08 PM | By Caroline Paver

Project Management: It's About The People

You want to increase your project’s chances of success, so which project management methodology should you choose?  Waterfall, Agile, critical chain, six sigma or a hybrid?

Apr 23, 2018 1:11:47 PM | By Greg Abbiss

Emotionally Intelligent Management

These days, there are so many “gurus” trying to tell us how we should do this and that.  There are obviously so many people out there that need the advice or there wouldn’t be a market. 

Apr 19, 2018 11:43:08 AM | By Dave Glaister

How to Connect Power BI With Xero

Power BI is an excellent tool for analysing data in your organisation in an easy way. One of the most important sources of data in your business is your financial data.  

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