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Dec 14, 2017 3:48:32 PM | By Leigh Roberts

Last Friday night I had reason to speculate on the benefits of SharePoint to help resolve a complaint I was about to make.

My rare visit to a fast food outlet didn’t go as the franchisor would have liked. There was plenty of time to contemplate how they would deal with my observations while I was waiting, waiting, waiting to be served.

The situation slightly improved when one of the staff materialised from the body of the restaurant, put on a uniform and leant a hand to the understaffed crew.
Email arrives at franchisor and is opened Monday morning. It gets entered into a complaint system, maybe. More likely it is put in a spreadsheet kept on a shared drive.


The scenario of dealing with a complaint might go like this.  

  • It needs to be directed to the franchise outlet. What are their contact details? On a list somewhere, or maybe in my Outlook contacts.
  • Make a note to follow up complaint in a day or so then the franchisee has a chance to respond. 
  • Wonder how many complaints we’ve had about slow service or inadequate staffing levels at that outlet? Might be in the complaint spreadsheet. Wonder what the staffing levels were at that time?
  • Two days later receive a follow-up complaint from customer inquiring why they have had no response. Where is that complaint?

The scenario could go like this with access to some of the useful Office 365 tools working in conjunction with SharePoint.

  • Email arrives and is sent to and is automatically put into SharePoint list by a Flow process.
  • Someone is alerted about the new complaint and looks up the franchise details from their SharePoint team site. Before that, a quick glance at the complaint registry for that franchise reveals there isn’t a history of service complaints. The franchise uses Microsoft StaffHub so the staff schedule is online and a quick inspection shows they were two crew members down that night.
  • All the franchise contact details are available on the SharePoint site so it is simple to find where to forward the complaint. The complaint is marked as ‘pending’ so an automatic Flow will escalate to the franchise owner if there is no response today.
  • Within a few hours the complaint has a response. It will appear as a blip on the franchise dashboard automatically for management to monitor.

It is easy to see this is an improved scenario, but then any good franchise setup will have a formal complaints system, won’t they? If not, we can assist with configuring your collection of Office 365 tools to put in place my second scenario.


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Leigh Roberts

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