Scott Wightman


Scott Wightman

Scott has been involved in computers for most of his life. Originally aiming to be a programmer, he has worked in various IT-related jobs and has been self-employed part time for many years. He’s enjoys learning, as shown by the fact that he not only graduated top of his class at the Computer Power Institute with an A average but, since then, has become experienced in a huge range of computing systems and technologies, software applications and telecommunications. Scott enjoys many hobbies, including martial arts, music and restoring/playing old arcade video games. Scott has been with Designertech since April 2010.

Recent Posts

Jul 27, 2018 11:09:47 AM | By Scott Wightman

Social Engineering in an Age of Artificial Intelligence

As advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning become more mainstream, it is inevitable that security software will start leveraging these technologies to better learn and adapt to counteract the efforts of those that spread malware. 

May 29, 2018 3:25:15 PM | By Scott Wightman

Developing Your IT Security Strategy

In my work for one of our clients, I have tasked myself with developing a security strategy for them. The first question I had to answer was, "what is a security strategy anyway? What’s needed to create one?"

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