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Get the most from your technology

Technology moves at a rapid rate and what was amazing yesterday is commonplace today. It’s easy to be dazzled by the many technological developments, however, what we focus on at Designertech is technology being an enabler of business process – it’s a tool, not an end-point.
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Our story


Since 1994, we have undertaken hundreds of projects for our clients using IT and management expertise to successfully solve problems, realise opportunities and give them peace of mind.

We currently employ about 50 staff and have access to a large pool of additional contractors as needed for specific projects. We work with clients throughout New Zealand as well as overseas and undertake projects and provide on-going support in a wide range of areas. We hold the following Microsoft proficiencies:

  • Application Development - Gold level
  • Cloud Platform - Gold level
  • Small/Midmarket Cloud Solutions - Silver level
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The Designertech difference


We believe in working in partnership with you to deliver results on time, within budget with a measurable return on invested time, energy and money. We are passionate in our belief that information technology should not be a cost to a business but a driver of real value.

Designertech has always been devoted to achieving customers' needs, whatever they may be, and a major milestone for us was the success of MailMarshal. In the 1990s, when use of the Internet by businesses was exploding, we identified that good-quality Internet security products were not readily available. We developed the mail content management system that became MailMarshal; a runaway success which won enthusiastic recognition from users and industry experts.


Because good stuff is hard to do


Accolade is Designertech's annual awards evening to celebrate successful client projects. We see a lot of projects each year. All of them are valuable and useful. However some stand out for being exceptionally so, and they also seem to have something else... that innovative “cool” factor. These projects that stand out from the rest are truly worthy of a special Accolade.

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Gold Partner

Microsoft Partner

Designertech holds a range of Microsoft Partner certifications, including a Gold status in Application Development and Cloud Platform and Silver status in Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions. Because we are experts, we can focus not just on getting the basics in place but really push the envelope on what is possible and giving you the differentiation you need in the marketplace. Our customers have come to expect more, and we aim to delivery on that promise.


Our social responsibility


Designertech is 100% Kiwi-owned and operated.
We believe in giving back to the community and are committed to supporting a number of community initiatives including:

  • The Institute of IT Professionals New Zealand
  • The Weymouth Cricket Club
  • Cure Kids