Tight IT Budget? Why Your Next Integration Should Be Serverless

Jun 28, 2018 10:59:26 AM | By Chad Fry

Serverless, or Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS) as it is also called, is a hot trend in IT. It’s about running backend code without managing your own servers or your own long-lived server applications. 

When deploying backend applications and integration services on Virtual Machines or even Platforms as a Service (PaaS), you pay to have the server available. Using a Serverless platform - we favour Microsoft’s Azure Functions - you pay a minute fraction of a cent per function call. In fact, you get a large baseline number of transactions free per month.

Our experience at Designertech is that you can deploy an eco-system of scalable integration workflows and run them for next to nothing. The costs only increase incrementally as you transact more business.

We don’t just use Azure Functions for our customer projects...Azure Functions are a core part of one of our own solutions, the CargoWise One Integration Platform we offer our customers for their logistics needs.


Here are some of the budget related benefits we've found:


No server patching/reboots

Which means no out-of-hours support costs and headaches scheduling downtime.


No need to pay for the resources necessary for peak or potential future demand

The underlying infrastructure is massively scalable, just pay for what you use.


Almost eliminate the cost of test environments 

- ones that are being utilised at low levels.


No development time and money spent building and testing boilerplate/standard functionality

Just build the business logic.


There are a host of other benefits to the smooth launch and running of a new integration or backend service. Talk to me about how serverless technology can make your next integration a success.


Talk more about how this can work for your business

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Chad Fry


Chad Fry

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