ITx 2018 - What Were the Key Project Management Challenges We Heard About?

Jul 19, 2018 10:39:31 AM | By Caroline Paver

I have just returned from ITx – New Zealand’s biggest tech conference, and after (what felt like) hundreds of conversations about PPM tools, these seem to be the common grievances:


"Project Management tools are not standardized within my organisation"

"We can’t get our people to utilize the Project Management tools we have implemented"

"We previously tried Microsoft Project/other software and gave up"

"We need something that can be switched on easily and cheaply, rather than investing a lot up front"



I would suggest that a complete Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) would be the answer to all of these woes. Yes, the XaaS model applies to project management tools as well:


1. Costs are subscription basis so you only pay for what you are consuming

2. Cloud-based solutions provide agility to scale up or down quickly, and connect anytime and anywhere

3. There are options to integrate with your existing technologies

4. Business processes become automated, for accuracy, and ease of adherence


smiley-1041796_1920-586675-editedPlus, with a complete PMaaS, you have the added bonuses of comprehensive analytics to really understand how your portfolio is performing, and on-demand expertise, to guide and support. 

So the question should be – why not PMaaS?! We've developed a solution, ClaroPMO Toolkit, which could answer your woes. 



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Caroline Paver


Caroline Paver

Caroline has a broad range of experience across different industries and countries. Since 2005 she has held varied project support and management roles in Australia and England. She studied a Bachelor of Environmental Science before directing her career into project management. She has been developing her career within the healthcare, engineering, IT and telecommunications industries.

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